Sprinkler Guards and Water Shields

Sprinkler Guard

The Minimax Fire Protection Sprinkler Guard is a hard-wire cage designed to encase the sprinkler and protect it from mechanical damage. It is recommended for areas where the sprinkler is installed at a low elevation and/or near areas of high human or mechanical activity.

The Model MG4 and MG5 Sprinkler Guard is for use with standard and large orifice, standard and quick response upright and pendent frame style sprinklers.

Model MG-6 Sprinkler Guards and MS-6 Water Shields are used in conjunction with Minimax style sprinklers where allowed by the approvals. Refer to technical data sheet approval charts. 

The Dry Pendent Sprinkler Guard is for use with standard, large orifice, ELO, standard and quick response dry upright, dry vertical sidewall, and dry pendent sprinklers.

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Technical Documents

Technical Data Sheets

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