Sprinkler Cabinets

Sprinkler Cabinet

Minimax Fire Protection sprinkler cabinets are metal enclosures constructed to store an emergency supply of spare sprinklers and a sprinkler installation wrench. NFPA 13 requires a representative number of each type and temperature rating of sprinkler head to be kept in a cabinet on the premises. NFPA 13 also requires a special sprinkler wrench to be provided in the cabinet. This allows for immediate removal and replacement of sprinklers that have operated or that have become damaged.

Ordering information
For Sprinkler Models Cabinet Capacity Cabinet Part No. Size
Length Height Depth
Frame Style 6 sprinklers 61398 10-3/16” (259 mm) 4-11/16” (103 mm) 2-9/16” (65 mm)
Frame style, ESFR K14 K16.8 (pendent) K25.2 EC 12 sprinklers (6 K25.2 EC sprinklers) 61399 10-3/16” (259 mm) 8-9/16” (217 mm) 2-9/16 (65 mm)
Concealed, Flush, ESFR K25.2 & K22.4 (pendent) K19.6 CMSA 5-6 sprinklers 61414 13-13/16” (351 mm) 5-11/16” (144 mm) 3” (76 mm)
Upright ESFR, Intermediate Level 6 sprinklers 61415 12-5/8” (321 mm) 9-1/8” (232 mm) 4-1/8” (105 mm)

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