Model MX-EP Specific Application Attic Sprinkler (5.6K)


The Model MX-EP (Eave Protection) Specific Application Attic Sprinkler is designed to provide superior fire protection in combustible and non-combustible sloped attic spaces when compared to standard spray attic protection. With specific application criteria for use with Model MX8697 Attic Upright Specific Application Sprinklers, Minimax Fire Protection Attic Sprinklers provide an extended coverage spacing alternative to standard spray sprinklers. They make it possible to use a 3 branch line design for spans up to 80 ft. (24,4 m) and a 5 branch line design for spans greater than 80 ft. (24,4 m) and up to 100 ft. (30,5 m). This eliminates the need for branch lines and greatly reduces the number of required sprinklers and associated material and installation costs. Model MX-EP models also have lower minimum flow and pressure requirements than competitive products. Listed for specific pitches 2½:12 ≤ 6:12, and spans 80 ft. and 100 ft.

Technical Details

Part Number
MX Number
K Factor
Thread Size
1/2 in.

Technical Documents

Technical Data Sheets

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.