EC/QREC Ordinary Hazard Pendent Sprinkler (K14.0)

EC/QREC Ordinary Hazard Pendent Spk (K14.0)

The MX8572 Standard/Quick Response Extended Coverage Ordinary Hazard (ECOH) Pendent Sprinkler is a thermosensitive glass bulb spray sprinkler with a 14.0 (202 metric*) nominal K-Factor. The sprinkler produces the flows required to meet Ordinary Hazard density requirements at lower pressures than 8.0 or 11.2 (115.2 or 161.4 metric*) K-Factor sprinklers. The glass bulb operating element and special deflector characteristics meet the challenges of quick response extended coverage standards. EC/QREC Ordinary Hazard Sprinklers are available in various finishes and temperature ratings to meet design requirements.

Special Polyester and Electroless Nickel PTFE (ENT) coatings are available for installation in corrosive environments, which can also be used in decorative applications where colors are desired. ENT coatings have been investigated and tested for use in corrosive environments and are listed/approved as indicated in the Technical Data Sheet Approval Chart. The MX8572 Sprinkler may be ordered and/or used as an open sprinkler (glass bulb and pip-cap assembly removed) on deluge systems.

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3/4 in.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.