New from Minimax Fire Protection

Model MX-EP Attic Sprinkler Design Offers Lower Flow Rates

A new specific application sprinkler designed to protect challenging attic spaces is now available from Minimax. The 5.6 K-factor “Model MX-EP” MX8690 allows for an enhanced system design which eliminates the need for additional branch lines, reducing installation and materials costs. In addition, the sprinkler can reduce flow and pressure requirements compared to other attic protection schemes.

When used in conjunction with Minimax’s existing Model MX8697 5.6 K-factor upright sprinkler, the new Model MX-EP attic sprinkler can protect up to 80 ft roof spans using 3 branch lines, and up to 100 ft spans with a 5 branch line design, with roof pitches ranging from 2½:12 through 6:12. Additionally, the MX8697 and MX8690 used together allow for flows as low as 20 gallons per minute and a minimum operating pressure of 13 psi. Thorough design criteria may be found on the sprinkler’s technical data sheet.

New Institutional Sprinklers from Minimax Fire Protection Offer Installation Advantages

Minimax has added four new institutional sprinkler models specifically designed for use in correctional facilities, mental health occupancies, or anywhere that tampering with fire sprinklers is a concern.

Available in both pendent and horizontal sidewall models, the quick response sprinklers are available in standard and extended coverage options. The sprinkler is designed to be installed with the protective cap attached, minimizing the risk of damage to the sprinkler during installation. When installed, markings clearly indicating the sprinkler’s model number and orientation are visible on the element’s face. The new sprinklers also fit flush to the ceiling or wall, with only ¼” protrusion from the finished face.

Screen Printed Cover Plate
Minimax fire Products now offering "Custom Design" Cover Plates for Unique Customer design Opportunities

Minimax Fire Protection now offers the ability for customers to order custom designed cover plates for both residential and commercial sprinkler projects. This new feature allows customers to include logos and preferred artwork in their orders, and is both UL Listed and FM Approved.

The new customizations are possible for almost any Minimax flat cover plate, including small, standard, extra-large orifice, sidewall, and square models. Approved base finishes include standard and custom painted and brass. The cover plates are available in 135°F (57°C) and 165°F (74°C) temperature ratings.

Minimax offers a template that customers can use when designing their own artwork, as well as the option to work directly with customers on their orders. For more information about cover plates and custom artwork, visit

MX8950 Improved Listing Eliminates the Need for Draft Curtains in Most Applications

The new cULus Listing for the Minimax 5.6K-factor quick response specific application sprinkler allows the MX8950 upright sprinkler to protect combustible concealed spaces without the use of draft curtains in most applications. These upright sprinklers are designed for use in specific light hazard combustible, as well as non-combustible, concealed spaces requiring sprinkler protection.

The new MX8950 UL Listing applies when sprinkler spacing is up to 16' X 16' for truss construction with top chord member on face (not on edge) for wet or dry systems. The Listing is also applicable when sprinkler spacing is up to 14' X 14' for trusses with top chord member on edge or solid wood joists for wet systems.

MX8514 Minimax Fire Sprinkler
K28 ESFR Sprinkler Now FM Approved to Protect 50 Foot Storage Facilities with Less Water

Minimax has announced an enhanced FM Approval for its K28 ESFR sprinkler. The new Approval allows the Minimax Model MX8514 to protect 50 ft (15,2 m) high warehouses, while requiring significantly less water.

A design of nine sprinklers in a 3x3 array at 40 psi (2,8 bar) is now possible, provided that a secondary calculation is satisfied for four sprinklers at 80 psi (5,5 bar) in a 2x2 array. In most applications, these new calculations will enable smaller pipe sizes and reduced pump sizing.

MX8496 Minimax Fire Sprinkler
MX8496 3.0K Residential Concealed Sprinkler

New to the Minimax product line, the Model MX8496 is a 3.0 K-factor residential flat plate concealed pendent sprinkler. The sprinkler is cULus Listed and optimized for a 12 x 12 ft coverage area with a flow rate of just 8 GPM and pressure requirement of 7.1 psi. With its smaller K-factor and lower flow rates, the MX8496 is a good choice for NFPA 13D residential fire sprinkler applications, especially where water supply is a concern. It is available in a standard brass finish or with ENT plating for corrosive environments.